(belated) bluebird tuesday and ~surprise~

I officially forgot! I am sorry – my brain is like a day behind so today is the day I thought of bluebird tuesday!

Tina requested this quote from Ghandi a few weeks ago:

Requests are still closed until I catch up :) A few more weeks!
Also… stay tuned, within the next few days I have a surprise for all my lovely followers to partake in… I promise you’ll love it! 

new design: raindrops

I’ve been working on a few different blog designs, and I finished Melissa’s blog makeover at Raindrops. It was a lot of fun to work with the scrapbook kit she picked out. Check out her full design by clicking on the link if you have a chance :)

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30 weeks

I can’t believe it’s already been 30 weeks! Time is flying for me. 7 more weeks to go, and we got the baby room painted. That’s really all the baby prepping we’ve done (other than the car seat and mattress)…

Somehow it just doesn’t feel real. I told Pete yesterday it’ll feel real when baby is here… safe… at home… in my arms. Until then, it’s hard to believe I’ll have a real live beautiful baby soon. My belly is definitely preggo but my mind can’t wrap itself around really being pregnant and everything really being okay.

just for fun~i’m NOT a baker

So I wanted to share this. I tried three times in the past few months to get this cake right. The first two times I had only *one* baking pan to work with… and no PAM

SIX layers! so it took…. hours…

the second attempt was slightly better with two good layers instead of none, which I made on New Year’s Eve and took it to Pete at the firecracker stand he was working at.

When Pete asked for a rainbow cake for his birthday a few weeks ago I was determined to do better! I first bought a couple more baking pans to make my life easier… oh.. and PAM! The main problem the first two times is that the batter was sticking to the pan!

*so frustrating*

and ~voila~

the rainbow cake with six magnificent layers! I was so delighted!

but i’m still no baker!

bluebird tuesday

It’s Tuesday again, and I almost forgot! Wendy requested this saying a couple of weeks ago. I am temporarily closing requests this time, just so I don’t fall behind :) I will open it up again once I catch up on the last few requests, thanks for understanding! If you haven’t seen your request, don’t worry… it’s coming! :)
Happy Tuesday!

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    new design: photo blog

    I just had the privilege of redesigning Megan’s blog look at MJ’s Memories. It was a lot of fun to be able to work with her photos and create a photo blog for her. If you have a chance, take a peek at her new look by clicking below :)

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    Good news is I woke up yesterday and the redness is fading… slowly. The dermatologist said that it was an allergic reaction to some antibiotics I was on… I didn’t even know I was allergic to anything! Now I know! And thank God the itchiness is gone too. It’s just slightly red and fading a little more everyday.

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes :)

    The dermo also prescribed a mild medication (Locoid lotion) for the rash. I called my OB and the nurse told me that it was a class C drug, meaning there wasn’t much information on it… she said they didn’t have any good data or bad data about it and that the instructions were to “use it with caution and only as needed”.

    I’m sorry but paranoia is high and with all the good news we have been hearing with baby boy, I would hate to mess things up. I am going to skip using the lotion since I am really not in any pain… just my vanity is hurt… lol ;)

    Other than that the dermo said it should clear up within three weeks. That was some allergic reaction! I’m just so glad to have some answers.

    New Design!

    I had the privilege of working with Laura from *My World* on designing some things for her blog (header, button, sidebar titles and signature)

    Please take a peek if you have a chance by clicking on the header.

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    29 Weeks

    Let’s just say I am really looking forward to 37 weeks. As I type I am covered -from head to toe- in a rash which the doctor believes to be an allergic reaction to some antibiotics I was on. Fabulous. I look like a pink nightmare, and the itching comes and goes. Honestly, the itching is getting better. This is day two…

    Yesterday I had a REALLY hard time being thankful for anything. I was in one of the worst moods I have been in since this pregnancy started. Today I really believe God gave me an extra portion of grace. While the rash is actually getting worse, I am realizing it could be WAY WORSE. 
    For starters, this rash hasn’t phased baby Joseph one bit. He still kicks me, stretches, rolls around and constantly makes sure I know he’s still there by jabbing me once in a while. He is a happy camper. 
    Secondly… I am on spring break. I am OH so thankful I didn’t have to walk into the classroom and answer a thousand questions as to why red blotches have taken over my body. 
    Finally, today I got a little more insight into what it probably is. Tomorrow I will hopefully know more after seeing a dermatologist. There is no fever, no pain; just itching. 
    Yes, it could be WAY WORSE.
    I did have an OB appointment last Friday and baby boy is weighing in at 3 pounds, 5 ounces. The tech just smiled and said “He’s a good size baby.” 
    I laughed but behind that laughter I couldn’t help but wonder why Jenna couldn’t have been ‘a good size baby’ too. I compare and I probably shouldn’t. She struggled to gain every ounce. Every ounce with her was a HUGE deal. I will never understand why she didn’t have the same chance that baby boy does. When I first started this pregnancy I had heavy insecurities about my ability to carry a healthy baby into this world. I cannot say I have reached the point where I trust my body again, but I have been encouraged by baby boy’s progress and weight gain and all the good news so far. 
    I guess I will always wonder no matter how much time goes by or what happens along the way.
    Tomorrow I will be the most pregnant I have ever been. 29 weeks. That scares me more than I can put into words. Tomorrow my pregnancy ended with Jenna and a new road began. I hope tomorrow is just another uneventful day in this pregnancy with baby boy (other than the dermo and the skin rash…). 
    Tomorrow is another one of those days… marker days that nobody knows anything about, nor should they. But they haunt me. I will think of all that surrounded that week, that day, those hours and minutes with Jenna. Tomorrow is also 10 months that she died. 
    I cannot even imagine what it’s like to be more than 29 weeks pregnant. I am already way bigger than I ever got with Jenna, and thankful for every change along the way. 

    bluebird tuesday

    It’s Tuesday again! This request was made by Jill last week. I will be making one each week, so don’t think I’ve forgot about yours if you don’t see it :)

    Do you have a saying that you’d like to see done in word art? Leave it in a comment!

    pardon my dust

    small bird studio is undergoing some minor changes… sorry for the temporary mess! I am still taking orders for blog makeovers.