It’s been another lovely lovely busy week. Thank God for the things that keep me busy. I find that when I am not busy is when I am in trouble. I don’t do well with too much thinking time.

I’ve been finishing up some projects and orders, starting others and thinking about new ones :) :) :) Very exciting for me. I love learning new things. I will keep that under wraps for now… until I have at least a sample to show.

Anyway I had the pleasure of making this piece for Nicole. I really really loved the words she picked out for the collage part. I hope you can read some :)

In between my projects and taking care of my little man and trying to keep house I had been putting off a piece for our own home. I had three small canvases that I originally bought for Bubby’s room, but changed my mind about what I would paint on them. I am going to do his name on one big canvas instead in Jenna’s Alphabet. So I decided I’d use the three lovely blank canvases for our last name… which so happens to have three letters!

Anyway… thanks for stopping by. I will be hosting a fabulous first time facebook giveaway this coming week… ;)

We’ll see how that goes… Would you rather a giveaway on a blog makeover or a custom piece? Whichever gets the most votes is the one I will be giving away!!!

(one entry per person please ;)

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  1. 1
    *Laura Angel says:

    Custom piece!

  2. 2
    Studio JRU says:

    This custom piece is just beautiful! I'm sure she loves it!! I love the last name project… so cute!

    Can't wait for the giveaway! I vote custom piece!! :)


  3. 3
    Amber Noella says:

    I love your work!

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