Savoring the Last of Summer

If you live where I live you probably think the title is a little ridiculous. Summer is far from over. Summer weather lasts at least 5 months here. Actually much longer. But this summer’s been sweet to us. So it will be missed.

The biggest and brightest roses yet.

Homemade pink lemonade (and of course a bar of chocolate with almonds).

The pool, oh the pool. I will miss you.

The big blue and black butterfly I found in Jenna’s garden the other day.

Berry pickin’.

Bubby now laughs at himself. It’s hilarious. I need to get it on film.

My dark teal flip flops. They’re darling.

Lost for Words launched. It has been incredible on so many levels.

Watching Bubby reach so many milestones in such a short time.


Learning that it’s okay to be crazy in this grief sometimes.

Target tank tops. I grew quite the collection this summer.

i love. i grieve. i blog. It has grown immensely since I first launched it a day before Jenna’s second birthday.

Bubby splash days in the backyard.

I found out my sister-in-law is expecting a few weeks ago. EXCITED to say the least. Love you MEL!

The first gerber daisy in Jenna’s garden on Father’s Day, no less!

But, summer is not over yet.

My friend Katie and I have quite the road trip planned in a week. I’m not holding my breath… but it’s going to be nothing short of AwEsOMe if everything goes as planned. We’ll see.

What will you do with the last few weeks of summer?

This is what Bubby will be doing… in case you’re wondering.

being naughty…

being cute…

Same old. Same old.

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  1. 1

    It sounds like your summer has been perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  2. 2
    Nevaeh's mommy says:

    He is sooo cute! Nevaeh is so issing him! She loves looking at his pics on here.

  3. 3
    Melinda says:

    Love you too, sister! Been catching up and LOVING your blog…you are such an inspiration to me, to say the least…you’re amazing!


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