10 Things That Will Make Your Blog AWESOME {part 8}

Little disclaimer – these are just my opinion… taken and formed from my blog designing experience this past year and a half, and some things I’ve picked up along the way. Please take them with a grain of salt, and keep doing what you know is best for your blog :) xo

You might notice that some of the really really big blogs almost always have an option to ‘subscribe’, and sometimes this is the only way you can ‘follow’ their blog. When I was fairly new to blogging this annoyed me to no end. At the time I did not know much about Google Reader and all the different readers available. I wanted a follow option- plain and simple. I wanted to read the blog posts through my Blogger dashboard reader. But now that I am on WordPress and really don’t access my Blogger dashboard much anymore, well now it’s starting to make sense.

A subscribe by email option is a nice option to give your readers. I am starting to subscribe this way to all my favorite blogs so I will get all the latest straight to my inbox, without the hassle of opening my Blogger dashboard. I open my inbox every morning anyway, so it makes it super convenient.

Blogger has made it ridiculously easy to set this up on your blog. Just go to your dashboard-> design. Click “add a gadget” and select “follow by email”. To view the stats of who is following, and how many subscribers you have just open the gadget and click “View stats and learn more.”

You can also publicize how many subscribers you have with a little counter.

1. To add a feedburner counter, open the “Follow by Email” gadget and click “View stats and learn more.”

2. Click “Publicize” at the top and then on the next screen click “Feedcount”.

3. Customize the colors the way you would like them to appear on your blog and click “Activate at the bottom.

4. Change the drop down option from “TypePad” to “Blogger”.

5. Copy the code and paste it an “HTML/ JAVASCRIPT” gadget on your design dashboard.

6. Save & enjoy!

If you have tried it let me know! I’d love to see :) And if you need help or have any trouble, be sure to leave a comment.


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