10 Things That Will Make Your Blog AWESOME {part 9}

Little disclaimer – these are just my opinion… taken and formed from my blog designing experience this past year and a half, and some things I’ve picked up along the way. Please take them with a grain of salt, and keep doing what you know is best for your blog :) xo

EEk! We are coming to the homestretch of this series! I hope you’re enjoying all the tips! :)

So today let’s talk about comments. Comments are so fun, and so so encouraging to get on your blog, aren’t they!? When I came over to WordPress I was thrilled that I could comment to each individual comment, if I wanted to (and I’m trying to get better at this as time allows!).

This sort of commenting system also encourages community as your readers can respond directly to each other’s comments.

There is a free program that you can install in a few clicks on your Blogger blog to enable this sort of commenting, it’s called Disqus.

*Let me just pause real quick and tell you if you ever plan to migrate to WordPress it is quite the nightmare getting all your lovely comments over- sometimes impossible. But this is great if you are a-okay staying on Blogger! :)

Anyway- let’s get started!

1. Sign up at disqus.com and register your site and you will be directed to the settings page. Nothing needs to be changed here, unless you want to check “Trackbacks”, “Askimet” (I highly recommend this feature for spam-protection) and “Reactions”. Click Continue at the bottom.

2. From the selection on the next screen choose Blogger.

3. You will be directed to your Blogger account. From the drop down menu be sure to select the correct blog, if you have more then one blog and click “Add Widget”.

4. You’re done!! Enjoy your disqus commenting system… :)

If you have any troubles at all, I don’t claim to be any sort of expert on disqus by any stretch of the imagination, but I can try to help :) VERY IMPORANT: If you already have existing comments on your blog they will not show up if you stop here. Please follow the steps on this tutorial to import all your existing comments onto Disqus.


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    disqus is not awesome…its total “awesomeness” :)
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