Protecting Your Pictures Online

I’ll be honest, it used to be more scary to me to post pictures online of my family and my artwork. I guess it’s so common now and pretty hard to get around, but it’s always in the back of my head… what if…

There are a couple of ways that I know of to protect your precious pictures online. Now there’s no better way to protect your pictures than to just not put them up, but that’s not always practical.

This is a tedious little task {at first} and must be done in each post for each picture, but it ensures that your pictures cannot be ‘clicked’ on – which makes it easier to copy.

So you ready to give it a shot? :)

1. Upload your pics and write your post…

2. Before publishing your post, click on “Edit HTML” … {next to “Compose” on the top right-hand corner}.

3. Okay… this is the tricky part, but I promise it gets easier and easierwith time! Look for the code that starts “<a href=” {You can use CTRL+F to find the code ~ just leave out the quotation marks}.
The code will START with <a href=

The code will END right before <img border {as shown in example below}

4. Select the code from bracket to bracket… <a href=…>

5. Delete this code. Make sure you don’t delete anything after this code or your pic may not appear!

6. Click “Compose” in the top right-hand corner and your pic should still be there. That’s it! Now your picture is unclickable. This discourages others from clicking on your images but please know the best way to protect your pictures {if you must share them} is a watermark. 

If you are interested in inserting a watermark, you may want to check out this awesome new site I JUST found :)

If you have questions, please just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to respond :)


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