Life Lately

In a few words life has been happy and sad. I am bursting with happiness from Bubby’s tremendous progress in walking. I was getting worried he’d never want to walk! ;)

He’s almost a pro. Almost.

Happy because I finally got in my beautimous planner that keeps my crazy life a little organized. It makes me feel important too. HA! That was a joke.

Happy because God’s given me some really great friends. Great is an understatement.

Sad that a six year old is fighting an aggressive form of Leukemia instead of starting school like a regular kid this August.

Sad that there are entire hospitals around the world for children, just like her.

This is life lately in an

 1. me and princess nevaeh

2. my beautimous planner

3. my buddy. he was wiped out from all that walking.

4. he likes to sport my aviators.

1. more aviator fun {in target might i add}

2. talking, making faces in the car on the way to grandma and grandpa’s

3. totally emptying out my purse while i was skyping {is that a word? oh well, just used it}. awesome.

4. the definition of handsome. like father like son.

1-4 me trying to capture cuteness while he was determined beyond imagination to winter is going to be awesome.

1. me and amy.

2. more funny faces in the car.

3. my purse from africa. isn’t it pretty?

4. yours truly.

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  1. 1
    nevaeh's mommy says:

    We look awwwweeessooome!!!! LOL! And my princess Nevaeh loos GORGEOUS!!!!! OH! and BUBBY is ADOREABLE! miss you guys already . Lets Skype tomorrow…..

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