Happy 16 Months + the Magnificent Rainbow

Yesterday we got a lil’ glimpse of Heaven in our backyard. All summer long Texas has been in a serious drought and I kid you not, I forgot what a rainbow in real life looks like. Sad, I know! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!!!

It was a beautiful reminder of so many things. The clouds were magnificent. The whole sky was like a silent orchestra.

Eh, you can barely see it in this last one but it’s there if you squint. ;)

Happy 16 months baby boy. Love you and so proud to be your mama ♥

ps- be sure to stop by later tonight for the last giveaway :)


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    Debby Pucci says:


  2. 2
    Mary says:

    The one day it decides to sprinkle I’m not even in town to enjoy it and it’s after math……a gorgeous rainbow! Beautiful pictures!!

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