she rocks. Michaela from ‘Metal Stamped Memories’

Through the most unexpected way I stumbled onto Michaela and her gorgeous work. I was so glad when she agreed to share her work here!!

Meet Michaela, talented shop owner of Metal Stamped Memories, and baby lost mother to baby Carter.

In her own words, Michaela shares a little about her story and how she got started…

“I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful boys.  I was inspired to create memorial & mother’s jewelry because of them.  My second son, Carter, was born “normal” with no complications during the pregnancy. At five weeks old we noticed a twitch in his eye and a little shake in his arm.  We took him in and after two weeks he was diagnosed with a one in a million condition called Ohtahara Syndrome.

This meant that Carter was having seizures, and a brainwave test showed a very rare pattern of high activity and then no activity, causing his brain to not carry out the signals it needed to for his body.  This was devastating news as children with Ohtahara rarely live past age 2, medicines do not control seizures for long, and in Carter’s case the signals were not being sent out for him to breathe on his own.

We made the most difficult decision to let him go to heaven.  Three years later, we are still slowly adjusting to life without him.  It is hard to live without him every day, and I know how it feels to feel lonely while the rest of the world goes on.  What keeps me going is knowing I will get to see Carter again someday, and also the love I have for my other boys.   You can read more about our journey at

Metal Stamped Memories was created out of love for my boys and especially to honor Carter’s life and keep his memory alive.  I know how important it is to have something tangible to hang onto after you are left with empty arms. I also know there are many moms who would like to wear a piece of jewelry with all of their children included on it.

I create necklaces, bracelets and rings, but also special keepsakes like key chains and ornaments.  I hope that anyone who purchases a piece of jewelry from me will feel the love that went into it.  My jewelry is created to help you on your healing journey, and I know that you will wear it to keep the memories close to your heart.

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    Jennifer says:

    Her work is beautiful! I recently found her on Etsy. Much love to all the parents who are grieving the loss of a child.

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