12 Days of Christmas With You in Heaven {day 2}

Welcome to day 2!!!! Today Dana is sharing a sweet tutorial for an ornament that I hope you enjoy!

My name is Dana Kristine Mizgate. I am a baby lost mother. I work in honor (I refuse to use the word remembrance) of my daughter miss Audrey Cristine. She was born on 2-23-09 and passed away after 23 minutes of gracing the earth with her presence. You can read more of my journey and story here. I also have a mothers group called “Mothers of Guardian Angels” group on Facebook that you can find right here!

When I decided to post on here, I’ll admit I was kind of stuck as to what to make or like post. I am a pretty crafty person, but struggle with words. I was talking to my mom and was telling her how honored I felt to be a part of this but, I wanted to do something special. Then my mom said to me “what about its a wonderful life, ya know every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!” AND THERE APPEARED THE LIGHT BULB!! DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER!

I have decided to make an Angel Scrapbook Christmas Ornament!

Mostly everything I had at home minus a few things but the list of materials is as follows:
-Clear Glass Ornaments (I used the ones in the 4 pack from Hobby Lobby.)
-Scrap booking Stickers (whatever reminds you of your angel)
-Glue (I used mod podge and a glue gun mostly glue gun!)
-Stuff to fill your ornament (I used fringe, small ribbon garland, and a small plastic calla lily)
-Feathers (to make the angel wings)
-18 Gauge Floral Stem Wire ( u can probably use any wire, this was thick enough to be durable but easy to work with)

Click images to enlarge

First thing to do is to make the angel wings… Sounds kind of complicated but… it really isn’t!

Take your floral wire and bend it in half. Find the center of the folded in half wire and spin it around each other making it so it makes a two half ovals (the one side will obviously be open since it has not been closed). Then close up the other side of the opposite half oval (I used pliers to make it easier.) I played with how the ovals went up. This wire creation just creates a “template” to use for the wings. It does NOT have to be perfect!

Next put a piece of ribbon in the middle of your wings, I used about an inch length of pink ribbon and hot glued it and just wrapped it around the middle base. This is just so you have something to glue to it does not have to look perfect at all.

Yeah now for the fun part USING FEATHERS!

Grab the feathers you want to use, and cut off the quill tip off so it is just the feather (See Picture) I did about like 30 of them mixing the colors, of hot pink, white and baby pink.

Now, apply glue to the feathers and apply to the template. Do the front and the back of the wings. It will look funny the first few feathers, but once you get going the wings start to take shape quickly.

(Note: if you have a cat you might want to put them away while working with the feathers, as I ended up with this.. My cat Bea LOVES feathers…So much she stole my wings numerous times!)

Your wings when finished will look like this…* You can still move around the wire to acquire the shape you are looking for..

Now, for your time to be creative. Decorate your ornament in the way that reminds YOU of your angel. For me it is all about butterflies, calla lilies, and the color hot pink. I added purple butterflies in honor of Nevaeh, and of course some fuchsia for Miss Jenna Belle. I thought I would add a bit of my two great friends angels, as when I think of Audrey I know she is with her two friends.

Now for filling your ornament:
Use whatever you find creative. I used the ribbon garland from Hobby Lobby, as well as some fringe that I found in the ribbon section as well. I cut off the fringe and layered it in between the layers of ribbon garland. When it was about 80% filled I put in my white calla lily ( I cut off the stem and just put the flower in there)

Now we have finished wings and a finished ornament… so now we have to attach the wings to the ornament. Use a hot glue gun for this. You can put the wings on the ornament where you want. I decided (after much deliberation) to put the wings more at the top of the ornament.

Now… you can either stop here and have it finished, or you can add the bells.

I used 4 bells since my bells weren’t exactly the biggest nor the highest of quality of bells. You can do as many as you choose. I used the fringe that I used to fill my ornament to string through the bells like so. I tied all the bells together as well so they will “clank” off of each other and the ornament as well.

Now attach the bells to the wings in the back. I hot glue gunned the bells to the back of the wings. See picture below.

Here is the front of my final product..

And the back…

Close up..

This project allows you to be as creative as you want to be with this for you to custom make it to your angel.

I hope that I was clear with how to do this project. If any of you have any questions regarding the project feel free to find me on Facebook or to email me at MothersOfGuardianAngels@yahoo.com

Thank you all for your continued support! And of course thank you Franchesca my dear friend for allowing me to be a part of this AMAZING 12 Days of Christmas With You In Heaven.

I pray for peace and strength for us, as we all learn how to adapt with our children as angels in heaven this holiday season.


Dana Kristine

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  1. 1
    melanie c says:

    so sweet, i love it!!!

  2. 2
    Trisha says:

    Lovely idea! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Trisha recently posted..Focus on Reading – Day 1My Profile

  3. 3

    What a gorgeous ornament! Love it…and feeling like post is going to be lacking in the crafty department! Glad others are sharing their great ideas!
    Kelly @ Sufficient Grace recently posted..Tales of Black Friday Crock Pots and the Perfect Thanksgiving MealMy Profile

  4. 4
    Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing yourself, your idea and Audrey with us.

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