Share What You Did…

The 12 days… was aaaaamazzing!!!!!!!

How beautiful were all those ideas!!? And the stories…

It was so encouraging to hear from other baby lost mothers that it did help. It made it all worth it. Times A MILLION.

If you took part in any of the projects from the 12 Days of Christmas With You in Heaven series, you can feel free to share it with us!

Here’s how it works.. just write your spin on any of the projects with pictures or anything you want to share and come back and link your blog post below. If you do NOT have a blog, feel free to post your pictures of the project(s) on the Facebook wall. If you do not have Facebook, but have pics somewhere like flickr, etc just leave us a link in a comment and I’m sure others will be interested in seeing what you did to honor your child this Christmas.

I hope more than anything that this 12 days project gave you hope. And a very raw, sad but beautiful knowing that you are not alone.

Big love to you all..

xo fran

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