Before Blissdom

My mind is racing.

My heart hurts. I have never been away from my son for more than a day.

My heart is hopeful. Staying home and raising babies is what I’ve always dreamed about doing. It’s definitely a plus to be able to work from home. I hope to make this little blog/shop/studio grow. Somehow, but organically.

My fears of flying are settling in. Fears of flying alone for the first time ever.

My house is spotless. No, really. I have been slaving away at it for the past few days to get ‘ahead’ of things while I’m away. But it’s too clean for a weekday.

My phone is full of new tunes.

My new cheap luggage bag is packed to the brim with clothes because God knows I can’t ever make up my mind about what to wear ahead of time. (But I somehow always end up with my first choice). hm.

My inbox and designs will be on hold for a few days. I’ve only gone this long without working one other time (last summer) since doing blog designs full-time.

My heart is thankful for the opportunity.

My fridge is stocked with lunch and meal plans for Bubby + Pete for the next few days.

My heart is open. Not really sure what to expect, but everything I’ve heard about this conference sounds incredible.

I have to admit I’m excited to be taking our story, the reason this blog even exists to this conference.

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  1. 1
    Melanie c says:

    You deserve this Fran. If you go with an open mind and an open heart the possibilities are endless! Enjoy every moment and don’t worry about your boys! I’m sure you have married a very capable husband and raised a very confident lil man. They deserve their ‘boy time’ as much as you deserve some ‘me time’. Have a ‘blissful’ time xxx

  2. 2
    Lauren says:

    Have an amazing time!!! I can totally relate though! When I went to Created for Care last month I was a wreck about leaving Mareto and so scared to fly along. I bawled my way through security at the airport and cried at least 3-4 times a day during the conference because I missed my boys at home so much. BUT, God did amazing things in my heart so it was worth it… but it so terrible to leave your baby!!! Praying for you!
    Lauren recently posted..Today…My Profile

  3. 3
    Stephanie says:

    Have a wonderful time. I know its hard to be away from your husband and child but you will have a great time and as much as it hurts (also liberating too, I think) your husband and son will survive without you. Who knows? Maybe they will appreciate you on a whole new level. Tears sprang to my eyes when I read how you felt blessed and excited to take your story, your Jenna, to this conference. Its so overwhelmingly, hurt bursting to get to share your child with the world. Love you, have a great time, and who knows, maybe my husband will be piloting your plane home. If he is, you are in great hands.
    Stephanie recently posted..I Wish I Could . . .My Profile

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