Camo Hat and Daddy’s Truck

He does this thing all on his own.

He will grab a cap, his daddy’s cap, and turns it sideways or backwards.

I know I’m biased (I can be, right?) but he is so. stinkin’. CUTE.

It’s times like this where I literally think…

Thank you GOD for my little boy.

Oh and I thought I might share a new site I found! In case you don’t have an iPhone but want some narly (yes I love that word!) effects on your regular photos you might check out :) These were taken by Pete’s camera phone (he doesn’t use instagram).


linking up with Casey and Rachel.

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  1. 1
    Lori says:

    You may be biased, but I know a thing or two about cute boys also and YES!!!!! He is flipping adorable! Pure glee on his face! Love it!!!
    Lori recently posted..Twenty-Eight Months Of Twenty-Eights…My Profile

  2. 2

    Love the Bubby pics!! I will have to tell my hubby about that app. Although instagram is coming to Android soon.
    Stephanie Desjarlais recently posted..Fear!My Profile

  3. 3
    Mrs. Baker says:

    little boys are awesome!!
    Mrs. Baker recently posted..New Mommy: Lessons LearnedMy Profile

  4. 4
    amy ramirez (Nevaeh's mommy) says:

    AWWW!! Bubby is adoreable!

  5. 5
    Breanna says:

    What a cutie :)
    Breanna recently posted..Last Things/It’s Ok :)My Profile

  6. 6
    Zyra says:

    Yeah you’re biased but who can not say those words to that adorable cutie kid right there. :) And hey! Thanks for sharing that website. I tried using it and I loved it. :)
    Zyra recently travel dealsMy Profile

  7. 7

    Oh my goodness! He is absolutely adorable and so incredibly cute! You have every reason to be proud of him. And, you are right, thank our gracious God!
    Blessings to you.
    Thanks for linking — loved those pics!
    Rachel @ finding joy recently posted..when you are not where your planner says you should beMy Profile


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