I Saw Love on You.

For all the times I have felt lost…

For all the times I felt my heart break in a million pieces…

For all the times I wondered what life on the other side might be like…

For all the times the sun didn’t feel right shining so brightly after death could be so real…

For all the times emptiness haunted my steps…

For all the times color seemed to leave my world…

For all the times I questioned and got no answers…

I could see love all over you.

Dear Bubby… you have absolutely no idea how much I need you. Or maybe you do. But either way, I am so thankful to be your mama, and that moment that the nurse put you in my arms for those few minutes before taking you away… that is a moment I will never forget. A moment of many, many happy tears and answered prayers.

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    Stephanie D says:

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    Erin says:

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    Beth says:
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    Stefanie says:

    Beautifully written. I find myself saying and feeling the same way about my oldest daughter. They will never know how much we need them. How much they have brightened our worlds. Her very being holds such power in my life. She has been what hadlept me going. For that I’m grateful.
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