Interview with NME photography

Nicole is a sweet blog friend + sponsor, and so glad to introduce you to her! Her heart is precious, and her blog is inspiring!!

How/why did you start blogging?

In the beginning I really didn’t want to blog and I put it off for awhile but I also wanted to share my photos and connect to others. After following quite a few beautiful souls I decided to put aside what was holding me back and simply go for it. It has been a great outlet and I look forward to it everyday.

When did you find your love for photography?

Although I have taken photo’s since I was about 7 I can truly say I really got into it in beginning Summer of 2010. I decided one day to hop online in search for photo contest’s. After winning a camera from one of those contest’s I abanded the camera for roughly 2 weeks until I realize if I wanted to get better and pursue what I enjoy then I need to get up and get out there and do it.

What is one thing you would like to share with everyone?

For me all of my photo’s are like a time line. From beginning to the now. Each and every one has it’s own story. From that day, from where I was in that point in my life, to many many more. It is really inspiration for me and a key to my healing process.

What inspires you/ your work?

My previous photos, my past, my family. What happens to us changes it and it’s all for the better.

What is one thing wish you had known early on in your loss?

The impact. How hard it is and was. If I would have known or at least was given a sign of getting hit off guard then I would have probably dealt with a lot easier, more smoothly, and possibly more sympathetic towards myself and even others.

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