Seven Things I Gained From Unplugging from Social Media (for the most part)

UnpluggingRecently as most of you know Evie came down with a mild virus, and even though (thankfully) it was a mild one, it was one that required a lot more of my time with her than with just about anything else. If I am completely honest I would tell you that I kind of loved getting those extra baby snuggles. But since she was unwell, I was more or less forced to unplug from most online things for almost a week. Sure, I got on facebook here and there, and I checked my email for pressing things but overall I let things slide, because most of it could wait.

Once our baby girl started looking on the upside I knew it was probably time to start jumping back into things, though I found it hard. Not only because I had a few days to excuse my late responses with a legit excuse, but because being away from the online world sent a breath of fresh air deep down into my soul and sent a few unexpected gifts along with it…

1. Perspective. I wasn’t fretting about my facebook page, or growing numbers or why my page suddenly went down a few numbers. I actually hate the number thing on facebook, not because some pages have more than I do (in fact MOST pages that I can think of have a gazillion more than I do!) but because there are days that I post something and no sooner does it get ‘seen’ by some that a few decide to unfollow. I’m like “Dude, why did you like my page in the first place? Did my pic of some random quote that I like happen to offend you?” See? Perspective is such a good thing. It really doesn’t even matter. It also made me keenly aware of how narcissistic blogging, facebook, instagram and the whole shabang can be… #yikes.

2. Square One. I felt like getting away gave me time to think about the future a little bit. And why I even started this blog in the first place and all the things that came along after that. Maybe I can start over, start new. Or just keep being me. Not quite tied down to a “theme” blog, just write. Because that’s who I am. Kind of all over the place. A ridiculous, impatient whirlwind who sometimes likes to write, sometimes like to paint and always wishes she had more time to read.

3. Time. I found my laptop not being open for hours and hours and hours. I’d glance at it in the evening after the kids were finally down, and it was refreshing to know I hadn’t frustrated myself with emails and messages unnecessarily all day long before I could even do anything about them, while the kids were awake.

4. Living. I think we did more things out of sheer desperation this past week, we got pretty inventive to pass the time since we were pretty much homebound. We built forts, painted pumpkins, read stacks of books and cleaned out Bubby’s toy box to donate the toys he has outgrown. And I didn’t get a single shot of any of those things on Instagram or facebook. I didn’t feel the need to live through my phone. I was just living. And it was AWESOME. Though I might take a picture of the pumpkins! Bubby insisted on having a “Captain America” pumpkin.

5. Freedom. Like I mentioned the facebook thing above, I didn’t feel the pressuring need to pump out something to grow numbers anymore. This has come and gone since I opened my page on facebook a few years ago. Sometimes I don’t care, sometimes I do. But there is so much freedom in letting go, because the people who care about what you do, and maybe even why you do it – they’ll be there. The ones who might have hopped along for the wrong reasons, they probably won’t and that’s okay. There is freedom to be myself. And to embrace whatever that might look like on any given day.

6. Focus. When I did get online I found myself more focused on what needed to be done, just so I could be done and move onto something that didn’t involve my phone or laptop. I feel like I’m getting more done in a less amount of time, even now that I’m “back”. Let’s just hope it sticks!

7. Me Time. One thing I did as soon as Evie started feeling on the up side was paint my toenails! Do you know how long it had been? No, and you do not want to know. Too long, that’s how long. After taking a hiatus from social media, I had the courage to just say “wait” to my work load and take a few minutes and break out the nail polish.

Unplugging, it’s so good.

I might try it again before long.

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  1. 1
    alana taylor says:

    Yes… It’s such a delicate balance, isn’t it? I love to write and to connect with other women online, but definitely never at the expense of my family. Kudos to you for slowly easing back into the online world and for finally taking the time to paint your toes… such a small thing that makes a huge difference for us mamas.
    alana taylor recently posted..On Being Authentic When You’re BrokenMy Profile

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    Good perspective. It’s good to unplug every once in a while … it’ll all still be there when you return.
    Sarah recently posted..Choosing to SeeMy Profile

  3. 3

    Unplugging is definitely a nice change of pace. And it’s so hard to get back into the habit of being plugged in again.
    Amanda Jillian recently posted..Red {Daily Mermaid}My Profile

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    I love when you talked about freedom. It really is so freeing to unplug for a bit. Great post!
    Amanda recently posted..when you decide to love anyway: jordan + amanda 2.5My Profile

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