Hand Drawn Freebies!

Hand Drawn Bloggy FreebiesClick the image to download, or click here. Happy Friday!!!

Not sure how to use these? Check out this blog, with tons of useful tutorials:) This tutorial isn’t exact, but it will come close to what you need.


Free Fonts

Love me some fonts!! Even though I don’t design stuff like I used to, I am always on the lookout for fun and interesting fonts. Hope you enjoy!! Happy Friday:) Though, honestly my Friday has been rather exhausting, it is still the weekend, and THAT is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Free Funky Fonts


Wintermelon (one of my faaavorite fonts EVA)

Pointy Demo

Bryana Aningsih Shara

Doris Day

Reed of Love (I love the hippie-ness of this font!!!)

Mystery Quest


Minya Nouvelle


Don't rush and never settle. If it's meant to be it will be.

Feel free to print, share on facebook or your blog – whatever :) This one is big enough to print an 8×10 at your local printer or at home. Just click the image to download it to your computer.

Happy Friday ya’ll!


I kind of fell in love with these words the second I found them on Pinterest. Yesterday I finally had the chance to plan a little more for our soon-to-be organic garden. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get started. I managed to keep a few herbs alive through our version of winter… so maybe I’ve got it in me. We shall see. I found so many interesting and helpful (and money-saving!) ways to start an organic garden. You can see all those ideas I’m gathering on my garden Pinterest board.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

Feel free to print, share on facebook or your blog – whatever :) This one is big enough to print an 8×10 at your local printer or at home. Just click the image to download it to your computer.

ps- I’m always up for suggestions on mantras and words! I’d like to start making and sharing these more regularly again.

to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow - audrey hepburn


Thanksgiving Doodles

free thanksgiving hand drawn doodles at Small Bird Studios, by Franchesca Cox

After today I will most likely be taking a week or so off of blogging, and running around my little kitchen like a mad woman diving head first into this Thanksgiving goodness. Tomorrow I have big plans to run to the farmers market and grocery store to find the last few things we need to get our feast ready.


I love Thanksgiving. I love that we have a whole day to devote to being thankful. I’m all about finding thankfulness in the small things, everyday, but it’s pretty rad to have a whole holiday for it and a FEAST to top it off :)

Anyway. I’m going to be capturing little moments here and there on Instagram, maybe posting a few updates on my facebook page but nothing over the top. I’m soaking in the holidays. For years these types of days and weeks hurt. I’m here to tell you, that the sting is not as raw as it once was. It feels good to feel alive again friends. Maybe that’s what all this is about. Being okay with stepping away for a little while. Maybe it’s growth or change. I’m not sure, but I’m following this string of light in my life right now. It’s pleasant. It’s peaceful. It’s new.

I know so many of you that frequent my blog are dreading the holidays because of recent losses and heartache. My heart goes out to you. I can honestly say that on some level I understand. I wish for your sake that the holidays would fast forward. The holidays tend to magnify the pain.

However you are spending the next week or so, I hope it is a gentle time for you, surrounded by those you love and who love and support you.

To download these images, click here, here and here. I made them into PNG files so that you can use them on your blog, layer them on digital scrapbook paper, upload to Facebook/ instagram or even print them out. Please note that these are for personal use only.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving friends.

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Hand Drawn Christmas card by Small Bird Studios

Favorite Fonts

Just wanted to say, thank you for the incredible response from yesterday’s post. I almost didn’t publish it. I was afraid of offending someone, or sounding like a complete loser! 

Anyway, happy Friday!! These below are some of my all time FAVORITE fonts. I know I say that about all of these, but really. These are my favorite.





Dead Secretary


Rough Typewriter

Night Stalker


Old Press

Favorite Fonts

Since I have taken a little hiatus from design work, I have been mulling over what to do with what now feels like useless information that I’ve been teaching myself for four plus years on web design, fonts, downloading stuff, creating stuff online, etc.

I still have no idea. I’ve thought about doing lessons, but something about teaching stresses me out. That’s probably why I no longer teach art. Maybe one day I’ll figure out what the answer is.

Do we have any blog designers that read this blog? I’d love to have someone to refer my previous clients to! I have thought about picking it up at some point, because in all honesty I just can’t see myself not doing it ever again. But I would be focusing on a certain type of design, something that is more me… more on that later.

Anyhoo. Here are some free fonts that I’ve enjoyed using over time. More to come soon!

Some of my favorite fonts I used as a designer



Little Bliss

LD Glorious

Lainey Day SH

Learning Curve

Enchanted Prairie Dog

Mr. De Haviland

Never Let Go

Monday Mantra

my mantra


This has been rattling inside of me lately. I believe that it is so easy to get sucked into all of life’s difficult moments… you know the littles ones that tend to add up and quickly make it one of ‘those days‘.

I think it is so important to have a mantra. Mine has changed over time, but the overall theme has been to maintain a positive outlook, and mostly to LIVE.

Below are some mantras that were requested via instagram and Facebook. Each week I’ll be selecting a few mantras requested and making new 8″ x 10″ printables. If you click on the images, you will be able to right click the image and download to your computer to print, upload to facebook, instagram or whatever! Just please don’t sell them… or take off my watermark :)

What would yours be? I’d love to make a printable for you.

mantra drsuess


mantra johann geothe

mantra MAORI

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave Printable

This country is changing so much, especially lately. But even in the face of the turmoil, the controversies and the way it has changed even since I was a kid… I can honestly say that I am so thankful to be able to raise my babies here. I love this land. I love the history behind it.

I can only pray that our littles can learn to love this land too.

happyfourth printable

Free 8×10″ printable! Right click to download or pin for later!

To each of our soldiers, and the families of our service men and women… I can never thank you enough. I think of you often and I cannot imagine the sacrifice you have given for the freedom we enjoy today. From our family to yours, I just want to say thank you.

Happy fourth of July friends x