31 Days of Freebies: Day 5

Dear October, can you pretty please slow down? Well I think this whole 31 day challenge is making the month just fly by! I have been blessed reading through all the quotes and different things suggested for these freebies a few days ago.

This quote makes me think of the handful of dreams I’ve had with Jenna in them. Often she visits me but the dream slips much too quickly before I even realize she was right there. And the details are always so hazy when I wake up.

Do you dream about your baby(ies)? Or have you?

Download this 8 x 10 here


Small Miracles Blog Hop and Day 4

If you’re new around here every Tuesday you can link up your blog in our Small Miracles Blog Hop linky below and share anything that has brought you hope on your own blog. It can be a picture of your favorite coffee mug, a drawing that one of your kiddos has done, a book you’ve had your nose in lately, or you can be totally honest and share that hope is just hard to find in your life right now. Wherever you are I hope you’ll consider joining in and sharing something on hope :) The blog hop will be open all week long.

My hope today is brought by so many things, people and places. But this little man is responsible for a lot of it. Especially at the Walk, it was incredible to be able to share this day with him another year. See how little and chubby he was last year? :)


Day 4 of the 31 days of Freebies is upon us! I think you might love this quote… :)

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Day 2: A Moment

How is October treating you so far? Our Walk to Remember was yesterday. I got to hug the necks of some super sweet friends. There were tears, but so many precious moments captured. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll post the pictures.

Download the printable off of our facebook page or feel free to submit an idea for a quote here.


For You

Today I just wanted to share {in case you didn’t know} I am posting a free printable on the facebook page… every day in October. :)

Because I love you guys to pieces!! For following all my crazy ideas. For reading about my Jenna and my Joseph. And putting up with every change I make on this blog. ;)

If you would like to submit a quote/ lyric/ verse to be made into a printable in October please leave it here in a comment.

{to download this piece click here}

Wishing you a happy, happy Wednesday~XO

Fall Freebies!

Be sure to hop on over to our facebook page to download the fall freebies for your own use! :)

-they each will print to an 8×10″ size-

ps- I just finished making up some new cute grab buttons—————————–> :]

*just be sure to use the keyboard command to copy the code {CTRL+C for PC’s and COMMAND+C for Mac’s} :)

Firecracker Bottle & a 4th of July Freebie

This year the 4th will be a … quiet one.

No firecrackers to watch, or listen to- that is unless you are watching the show downtown.

Which we will not be. :)

Most likely spending this fourth close to home, with friends and family.

I’ve been feeling very crafty these past few days and made this little table centerpiece. I stuffed this clear glass bottle laying around my house with sparkly ribbons and hey! it reminds me of firecrackers :)

Bottle, Hobby Lobby: $1.50

Ribbons & string, do-dads laying around my house: $0

American flags, Target: $1

Score for a fabulous little centerpiece, under $3!!!

I also thought this holiday would be a perfect excuse for another subway art piece! Please visit the facebook page to get the one without the watermark, and feel free to tag yourself there! {Every pic automatically watermarks here}

You can also see the the blue version of this subway piece there!

Wishing everyone a safe & happy 4th of July weekend!


Finally!! The Dandelion Premade!

Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience with me on my indecisiveness and delay on releasing this premade design! I have to say I am quite pleased the way it turned out, I hope you like it as much as I do. This one is… different. It’s got a twist of artistic flair which I love. In another world, this could be my own blog design. :)

Please click the screenshot to see the design on an actual blog :)

Like all my other premades, this one can be personalized and even upgraded with more items a la carte if you wish. Just shoot me an email if you’re interested in grabbing this design for your own blog for $15!


For the free download links please follow this tutorial.

2 Column Layout

3 Column Layout

You can find more premade designs here


Sweet Songbird NEW Premade!

So remember me telling you all about the new premade design with birdies, butterflies, cute flowers and ladybugs…? It’s finally here :) It’s titled “Sweet Songbird”… just the name makes me happy inside and out!

I so hope you enjoy this one! In case you’re new around here, here’s some quick info on premade designs:

  • They are installed within 2-3 business days
  • They cost only $15 ~ less than half the cost of a custom design and includes a custom signature & post divider
  • You can personalize them even more by adding items a la carte if you choose
  • There is usually a freebie version available too (without the signature and custom fonts in the header)

Please click the screenshot below to view the sample blog that shows exactly what the design would look like on your blog! Of course just with your own title, subtitle and signature ;)

To order a personalized premade email fran@smallbirdstudios.com and I’ll get you all set up with your new look in a matter of days!

For the free download links please follow this tutorial.

2 Column Layout

3 Column Layout

More premades here


Happy Mother’s Day

Today we went to visit sweet Jenna. We placed some pink flowers and a purple and silver windmill there for her. Something about Bubby smiling when we go to the cemetary (and he almost always does!) brings me comfort. I so hope he sees something we can’t see. I hope he sees his sister smiling. I hope he sees her happy and free. I hope he knows who she is.

I know Mother’s Day can just be a crazy weekend of joy and sadness for babylost mamas. I hope this collage brings you a smile.

Wishing you all a peace filled Mother’s Day today.

ps -Just a side note about the hope collages… I am so embarrassed, I’m so so behind. If you are waiting on yours, please rest assured I have received each request and will be working on them soon :)

Keep Calm And…

I hope you’re digging the freebies lately :)

What would your ‘keep calm’ sign say?

Mine was actually going to say “Keep Calm and Blow Some Bubbles” but my fingers slipped after the ‘o’ and spelled blog. Hmmmm… Happy Accident? ;)

Wishing everyone a fabulous {bluebird} Tuesday!


I have hope because…

He is risen.

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter Sunday..

{Please feel free to share this subway art collage and use for personal use only}

Butterfly Memoirs Blog Premade

I hope you like it as much as I do…

The newest addition to the premade collection is called “Butterfly Memoirs”. I bought these sweet butterflies a while back and finally decided it was time to put them to good use. Somehow their torn and weathered look makes me think of memories. Fragile but beautiful nonetheless.

A personalized premade is a great way to spruce up your blog at only $15. It will look almost exactly like this… of course with your title and subtitle :)

The personalized premade includes:

♥ Fancy Header fonts {as seen above}

♥ Custom Signature with a butterfly

♥ Installation

plus… everything included in the freebie :)

The freebie will look something like this:


Download Two Column Template


Download Three Column Template

and includes:

♥ Custom Header

♥ Custom Background

♥ Post Divider

Download instructions here.

Feel free to use the download links to install them onto your own blog or send me an email to get started on your personalized premade!


ps… the blog design studio has moved to it’s own WordPress domain {blogdesigninspire.com} You can check it out by clicking here!