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Today I’m spending the day getting lost in paints, printing, my sketchbook and possibly a trip to the nearest art store to stock up on paints and a few other art supplies. Hope you enjoy this little inspiration board I put together on etsy :)

How fun is that garland with twinkle lights!!! How have I never thought of that before?!

ps – I shared a quick tutorial on how to make a super simple dreamcatcher on KVBIJOU’s blog yesterday. Check it out here!

‘to the moon and back’ by smallbirdstudio

I love you to the moon and b…


vtg 90s White BOHO Dress S, …


Valentine Twinkle Light Garl…


Badge Set – Just Kiss Me – A…


Custom Silk Wrap Bracelet – …


Abstract Minimalist Black an…


Realistic red roses leggings…


70s red suede shoes size 7 /…


Red Hair Wreath headdress fl…


I Love You To The Moon And B…


80s White & Yellow Striped P…


Shooting Star Ear Cuff – Sil…


Valentine’s Day Girl’…


Multistrand linen bracelet ,…


Heart Tree Necklace Game of …


I love you to the moon and b…


Let’s be Adventurers


A few weeks ago I was selected by the Ford Fiesta Movement to help spread the word about the Fiesta Movement Agents and Missions. I usually don’t go for things like this but when I heard more about it, and the ideas that we could use to launch each posts, well it seemed not only doable but kind of exciting too! This month’s theme is ADVENTURE.

I have always loved that word. For as long as I can remember.

Although to be totally honest it’s something I kind of deserted when we lost Jenna. I lost myself completely over time, including the passion for adventure – especially travel. I guess you can say this passion was sparked inside of me when I was a girl, being home-schooled. One of my favorite things to learn about was geography. I guess I am now telling on myself and how much of a dork I was, but I loved it. I loved learning about new places. And when we’d go to the library I would check out books on cooking ethnic foods. You know, written for kids of course.

Once I made my own fortune cookies. But I don’t remember them being crunchy…

But all of that changed after loss. The only place I wanted to ‘adventure’ was that land where she lived now. The unseen. The seemingly impossible.

Little by little that sense of adventure has been rekindled. For one, Perth, Australia is at the top of my bucket list. For totally obvious reasons!!!

I have been wanting to do this for some time now, so this morning I decided to put together a bucket list. It’s a lifetime bucket list. I also want to make one for before turning 30 sometime… 

In no particular order…

1. Visit Christian’s Beach in person.

2. Raise my kids to love God.

3. Live on or near the beach.

4. See the northern lights.

5. Slow dance in the rain.

6. See the Sistine Chapel with my own two eyes.

7. Visit the lock bridge in Paris, and maybe even leave one of my own.

8. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

9. Sky dive.

10. Get ink.

11. Ride a gondola in Venice.

12. Go to as many live music events as possible.

13. Name a star after Jenna.

14. Visit the Bermuda Triangle.

15. Open an art studio, where one of the ‘classes’ I do will be an art therapy for bereaved moms. I’d also like to do one for siblings/ children enduring grief.

16. Become a certified art therapist.

17. Ride a double-decker red bus around London. Oh, and call someone from inside a red telephone booth while I’m there!

18. Write a children’s book.

19. Visit the Scottish Highlands to see Nessie for myself.

20. Grow my own vegetables and learn how to preserve them.

21. Learn to eat clean and develop a real taste for it.

22. Meet Johnny Depp.

23. Learn the guitar.

24. Become the art volunteer at Texas Children’s Hospital, where I could come and make art with the kids on a regular basis.

25. Read all the Harry Potter books and then have a Harry Potter movie marathon, with an endless amount of popcorn, chocolate and my wand in hand.

26. Have my art featured somewhere cool, or have a real art showing in NYC.

27. Ride a dirt bike.

28. Take a dance class. Something like Glee would be a dream. Though I realize they are in high school…

29. Dig up fossils, or something remotely ancient.

30. Spend a night in a tent like this one.

31. See the Yi Peng festival in person. With friends.

Vist some adventure videos here + here.

Do you have a bucket list?

Of course, ultimately THIS is my bucket list.

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own.





these! More lotion!



real food. And loving this guide to practical steps. Though some seem ginormous, but ultimately necessary.


these! I have never even had artichoke but this makes me want to change that!


these. Okay, so you know how sometimes you find a recipe on Pinterest and in the caption underneath the picture reads something like “best pizza dough EVER!!!” and the picture of course looks PERFECT? And then when you try it at home you are scratching your head wondering why your pizza dough (or whatever) doesn’t only not look like the picture, but it definitely wasn’t the BEST you’ve ever had? Well these came out JUST. LIKE. THE. PICTURE. And they truly are hard to put down. And no, I’m not a baker OR a cook. I burn things and make my smoke alarm go off more than I care to admit. So if you’re looking for a clean-ish recipe for chocolate bars, make these. You won’t be disappointed.


that fall is around the corner. But then I read things like this and am like “oh wait, I do like fall…” The only thing this list is missing is boots. Me love me some boots!

Thinking Out Loud: Chasing Summer

chasing summer


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I am complete denial about summer being nearly over.

And since I’m in Texas and it will most likely feel like summer until the first weeks in November, I think it’s okay. Summer stuff is going on sale big time. Don’t the retailers know it’s going to be sticky, gross hot for at least two more months down here? Oh well, I’m loving the sales and stocking up for next year.

Seeing Christmas stuff and other upcoming holidays out makes my head spin. It seems like once you let it sink in that summer is over, a landslide to Christmas happens and you find yourself ringing in the new year and scratching your head, wondering where in the world last year went. By the way, I’m already doing that with 2013.

For one, Christmas is my hands-down favorite holiday. So I like to do it right. Bake as much as I can. Sew stuff. Make things for the tree and house to smell all Christmas-ey. Make sure everyone in our world feels loved with thought-out and sometimes handmade gifts. Check lists. For some reason Christmas always has lists. And more than one or two.

Christmas time also marks our seven year anniversary, well two days beforehand anyway.

And then my baby girl will be turning a whopping ONE. There are going to be some very real, ugly-cry tears going on that day.

So yes, please forgive me if I squeeze summer for every last salty drop of sweat that I can.

I am in denial, and I like it. For now anyway.

I’m packing on the sunscreen, daydreaming about the beach (story of my life), and blasting my A/C.

Oh, and stocking up on strawberries. There are at least half a dozen bags of frozen strawberries (I buy them fresh and freeze them when they go on sale!) in my freezer. #strawberriesyearround

I have this crazy daydream (second time I’ve used that word… suddenly I feel super lazy), that if I had enough mula, I would literally chase summer, summer weather anyway. Live in the states in the warmer months and then move to Australia for the rest of the year, when we are freezing our butts off. Chasing summer. And round and round it would go. Now that would be absolute bliss.

Okay, daydream over.

Back to my Texas bliss of heavenly heat for now…



to follow these rules, to the “T” this week! As you read this, I’m on the road with my favorite people in the whole wide world to a beach, far, far away!


his expression. ha!


why didn’t I think of this? I mean we learn all about how plants love Carbon Dioxide or whatever. Anyway, this is hands down brilliant. Don’t mind me while I blow into the salad bag. I’ll do anything to make that lettuce stay fresher longer!


these somehow. I’m not a drinker, but I’m thinking this would be cool with those tall bottles of vanilla or caramel flavoring for coffee drinks… or something.


Someone has the time to put this together. The evolution of batman!


in this truth.

Just Because

IMG_2921IMG_2926IMG_2755 IMG_2811 IMG_2893 IMG_2914IMG_2919 IMG_2916 IMG_2918 IMG_2920

Sometimes I hold you, just because.

Just because it won’t always be this way.

You’ll grow up, spread your own wings and the way life works you’ll be so busy. The way I’m busy with life and I don’t see my mom every single day.

It hurts my heart to think of you leaving this house. But I hope you know you always have a home here. Sure, someday you’ll grow up and chase your own dreams and I pray you’ll use your God-given talents in some extraordinary way. And I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. But all the while I will know that someday, like today, we knew it was coming.

So there are many, many times I just hold you. Smile at you. Play with you. Ask you the same questions over and over, because they’re the ones that you can answer and we can hold conversations that I know you won’t remember, but I will.

Like the time you told me you saw two angels outside our window on the way home last Wednesday.

Or the time you told me you saw Jesus in our closet.

Or the time you asked me about Daddy’s work.

Or the many times you’ve told me about you starting school in September. (I love the way you say “September”, by the way!)

Or the time you talked to me about your monster trucks.

And I chase you around the house, or tickle you or make some crazy face just to see your smile.

I don’t feel worthy to be your mom.

I find myself reaching in desperate measures these days for wisdom, patience, and rest.

And each time I get frustrated at myself, I can hear God whisper that all I really have to do is ask. Just ask.

So today, all I can think of to do, is hold you. Just because.

Life won’t always be this simple.

Breaking Away

I read this post the other day and I haven’t been able to shake it.

About breaking my routine.

At first I convinced myself that I already do this. And maybe I do, sometimes.

But not nearly enough.

There is a tendency to do what is comfortable. Necessary. Expected.

I am breaking away.

Taking one day out of the week, as much as possible, to make a point to break away.

This has been on my heart all day today.

And a way to make sure I at least make an attempt to break away would be to document these moments of breaking away.

Capturing beauty.

Visiting new places, or my favorite places.

Taking a day trip to the beach.

A trip to Starbucks.

To a field of wildflowers… and have a picnic.

Visit that adorable shop I just keep passing by.

Pete’s working long, long hours these days. And friends, that is not a complaint.

I am thankful. Especially in this economy.

But with him gone a lot, we have a lot more ‘down time’ around here.

There just isn’t an excuse not to break away from my normal routine.

Working from home can be a challenge at times, but I feel like my time could use some readjusting.

In a good way :)

With a hundred and seventeen things to do, it would be too easy to be swallowed alive in my lists, obligations and more.

One day a week when possible will be my breaking away posts.

This might preserve the excitement, the passion for everything I feel so strongly about today.

And capture today all at the same time.

linking up with Carissa and Heather today.

Learning {the girl behind the blog} Vlog Link Up

I caved and decided to link up with Ashley and Andi on ‘the girl behind the blog’ series. (Thank you Lindsay ;)

It’s more or less what’s on my heart, what I’ve been learning – from down right serious to the frivolous things in life.

Hope you join in!


ps- at the end apparently I don’t know what ‘one last thing’ really means. sorry!

My Thankful Post


Moments with my son.

Watching him play with rocks. He loves loves loves rocks. He loves dirt too. He is SUCH a little boy, and it makes my heart SING!!! I had no idea little boys could be this much fun :)


Moments remembering my daughter.

Watching by some unfathomable miracle- the roses bloom and bloom and bloom. In spite of my pathetic gardening skillz.

It’s November and really her garden couldn’t be more beautiful. There is still so much color to enjoy.


Do you see the angel wings nicely fixed over the rose in the fuzzy background? Happy. freakin’. accident. :]

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving.


She… {a butterfly post}



changed us.

made us parents…


put a crazy obsession for the color fuchsia in my heart.

used to kick like crazy.

paints with the colors in the sky at evening….


sends us the pinkest sunsets and draws hearts in the clouds.

has a little brother.

is missed…


created a new life for us without knowing it. or maybe she did…

feels like a figment of my imagination some days.

was gone too soon.

is real…


inspired grief.

encouraged love into our hearts again.

gave me more than I could have ever given her.

lives in Heaven…

Sometimes I just need to talk about her…

*all images were taken at the butterfly garden center, a visit I was so grateful to make with my sweet friend Dana the week she was in town.

link up if you wish to share anything that has been on your heart lately…

Halloween Pinning + a Freebie!

Tonight I spent an undeniably wasteful amount on Pinterest, and I thought I would share my Halloween finds with you!!!

First of all, I found this first one at Laura‘s blog. Beyond brilliant.



Ummm.. if I was brave enough to dress up on Halloween, these oxfords would be a little fun to wear.


I must try this!!!


If God ever gives us another little girl, well she will be wearing a ridiculous amount of tulle all year round, but definitely Halloween. ;]


And since it’s too warm to drink hot apple cider and hot cocoa in south Texas, might as well stuff something cute in your coffee cup for the season!


Last but not least, I made up this little printable that I hope you enjoy. Can you picture it in a old country-style white frame…?? smarvelous.

Download this 10″x8″ print here

Pin It

Followers Fest Link Below. Lots of new friends to make, and a ton of inspiration.

Bring. it on.


Fall Card Freebies

Hello beautiful readers! I decided to post something a little light hearted and happy today…

Fall Freebies!

Oh and a sweet video at the end of my little man gettin’ ready for Halloween with his super scary lion growl… hehe ;] (Actually posting this for the grandparents and family, in case they didn’t see it on facebook yesterday!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy using the fall cards as much as I enjoyed making them :]

You can plug in your own photos into them using a photo editor

Download 7″x5″ card here

Download this 5″x7″ card here

Download this 7″x5″ card here

How to use these cards:

To use them you will need a photo editing software.

{Get a free photo editor for Mac here and PC here}

1. Download & save the file to your computer.

2. Open the file in your photo editor, and open the image you would like to use in it.

3. Make sure your image is high resolution, otherwise it may not print correctly (pixelated).

4. Pay close attention to the recommended dimensions and crop your photo accordingly.

5. Copy/ paste your photo onto the image file & VOILA!

6. Print anywhere you like.

ps- Lately I’ve been finding some killer printing deals at Snapfish!

Big Love & Enjoy!

And here is my little man in all his scary goodness… ;)


coffee date?

This post is inspired by the adorable Casey.

I LURVE coffee. A little too much. Me and coffee have been best buds since I convinced my 19-year old self to pull all-nighters in college. Oh, the good ol’ days.

Since most of my blog friends live across the country or the world {which makes me a bit sad sometimes} I thought it would be nice to grab a cup of coffee together and catch up.

Won’t you join me? I’m having a ton of creamer in mine and way too much sugar. If you’re not a coffee drinker, feel free to grab a glass of iced tea out of the fridge.

If we could sit across the table and share our drinks together I’d tell you that I’m drowning in heartache tonight.

As I read through all the quotes from many bereaved mothers for the Lost for Words calendars I felt overwhelmed for anyone and everyone who has ever experienced the loss of a child.

It’s truly incredible friends, that we are still standing. Still here. Still breathing.

I often wonder how women handled this in the old days. Before computers. Before grief support groups. Before Oprah.

I’d also tell you that our marriage got 1000 times sweeter after Jenna passed. It’s not been perfect {what marriage is?} but it’s one of the most beautiful gifts our sweet girl left behind. We fell in love all over again.

I’d tell you that I go to bed way too late and it’s starting to catch up. I’m trying to find 5 extra hours in the day that don’t exist. Or an assistant to check my email, take care of all my paperwork and fold my laundry. *smile*

I’d tell you that Jesus has been enough. He’s been enough on the days I couldn’t pray, on the days I didn’t WANT to pray, on the days I was at his feet crying.

I’d tell you that on the inside I feel a lot older than 26 years old.

I’d tell you that sometimes I’m still afraid of losing my son. There are times when I look at him, that I still can’t believe he’s really mine. That feeling of complete awe has not completely wore off. I hope it never does.

I’d tell you that I’ll try to never ever take the rain for granted again. It rained and rained… and rained this weekend. Praise. The. Lord.

I’d ask you all about you. Your sweet baby(ies). Your heart.

I hope it won’t be long before we can catch up again :)


Bloglovin’ and 5 Reasons You Should Use It

If you have followed long enough, you know these type of posts are just my two cents… plus I love to share the new things that I am falling head over heels for with you :)

But in all seriousness… Bloglovin‘ rocks my socks off. And here’s why…

1. Aesthetically pleasing. Is it not the prettiest reader… ever?? I have never liked the Google Reader layout. It’s like there are a bajillion things going on. An obsessed blogger’s DREAM….

2. You can follow any blog… even if the blog you *heart* doesn’t have a bloglovin’ account.

3. It suggests other similar blogs to the ones you are already following… in a subtle, classy way. AWESOMENESS.

4. Your reader page provides the last three posts in a sweet thumbnail version. I LOVE that is gives you the last three posts. You know, in case you have some catching up to do! Nice nice nice.

5. When you click on a post, it takes you the actual blog post on the blog! Holy sweetness.

Check out bloglovin‘. You’ll love it :)

ps- this is a BIG ‘ps’! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all your kind words on the facebook page about my status on the NICU volunteer interview yesterday. I’m still a whole bunch nervous, very aware this may not be for me – but incredibly thankful… You ladies are the best. Love you to pieces. XOXOXO

For You

Today I just wanted to share {in case you didn’t know} I am posting a free printable on the facebook page… every day in October. :)

Because I love you guys to pieces!! For following all my crazy ideas. For reading about my Jenna and my Joseph. And putting up with every change I make on this blog. ;)

If you would like to submit a quote/ lyric/ verse to be made into a printable in October please leave it here in a comment.

{to download this piece click here}

Wishing you a happy, happy Wednesday~XO