At Christmas Time

Can’t get enough of this Christmas tune this year!

ahem – in case you’re wondering the watermark automatically labels every picture (annoying at times), but this last one is designed by the beautiful CarlyMarie :)

So It’s November…

…and I think my brain is finally catching up and realizing my favorite holiday will be here before we know it!

Today I started thinking about the things that make this time of year magical…

… the smell of real Christmas trees

… Josh Groban

… decorating our tree {okay in a few weeks! ;) }

… Christmas lights

… witnessing the Christmas spirit. Have you noticed that people are generally nicer this time of year?

There’s so much more, but these are the things that have popped into my mind as I write this post.

Christmas will definitely be bittersweet. It has been since losing Jenna, but even more so as we will be missing sweet Nevaeh too this year.

Her service was amazing. It was in all honesty – hard to be sad. She was such a strong spirit. A fighter. I think she’d want to kick anyone’s butt that moped over her being in Heaven. That’s the kind of spunk this little girl had. I know I always call her ‘sweet Nevaeh’ but that’s because she was sweet… to me :) We painted butterflies together, so I think that’s what kept me on her good side ;) She was well known for speaking her mind and listening to your conversation when you didn’t think she was even awake.

A little over 200 pink and purple balloons were released at the gravesite to honor her memory. Everyone had the chance to write a note on their balloon before releasing them.

I want to thank you all for being such a fervent and prayerful support through this family’s loss and through just all of Nevaeh’s ups and downs these past few months. Nevaeh touched so many hearts, I think more than we’ll ever know.

I have a Christmas community project that I hope to share with you in a few days… so be sure to stop by!

In the mean time… enjoy yourself some Josh Groban. :]


iPhone love + a Winner

Now I feel a little wasteful for buying my DSLR. I mean this little app makes everyone’s photos look amazing.

That’s an exaggeration. I still love my canon, but it’s so handy to just grab, click and apply filters in seconds. I think my favorite filter is ‘pop rocket’ and ‘nashville’.

See, I think both my babies love it as much as I do… ;)

This was at the at&t store, but it reminded me so much of my Jenna.

Never ever fails. Every time Bubby shuffles around in our DVD collection he stares at this one. For a long, long time. Haha, crazy kid!



equals bliss. I have found so many new artists through it. Love this piece. A lot.

And the winner!

The randomly chosen name was Natasha! Congrats lovely lady, please check your inbox for details on how to redeem your software!

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Score Music LOVE

I love music. Especially soundtracks.

I notice score music in movies, and it almost always provokes the feelings that stay tucked away in life. I guess that is why I am a big fan of score music. It resurfaces what my heart tries to hide. It allows me to revisit the pain, but in a beautiful way.

I am in love with the music from Avatar. Not to mention the movie!


Thank you Carly for the music sharing :)

Rockstar Mural

Once upon a time I used to paint. I miss it sometimes.

It’s just so much easier to ‘paint’ on my computer with a little one now all over the place. Painting on real canvas is not so practical, but I commend any one who does it with babies! And children.

I am joining Carly Marie’s Project Heal Music Class today.

The prompt is asking what sort of music we love and if music has had an impact in our healing and grief journey. Please read the week one intro to this series here. The idea is truly brilliant for baby lost parents.

I was cleaning off my insanely messy desktop on my mac tonight, and found this image I copied from my old flash drive to my mac a few weeks ago.

I did this painting right after finishing college. I can’t remember the exact dimensions anymore but it is at least 6 feet wide. It was a commission piece, but now I so wish I would have given this to my dad. It is mostly inspired by the music I grew up listening to through my dad. He’s a music lover.

Of course after losing Jenna, just about every song has taken on new meaning. I used to listen to Enya almost every day and the songs would literally make me cry. I had no idea why. This was ever before we lost Jenna. I guess it goes to show you how truly powerful music is.

Now listening to her music brings my heart to a calm, peaceful place. A safe place to remember my daughter.

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