Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Excuse my random pile of thoughts today… or join in on the madness at Carissa’s blog!

Mama please. NOW! That’s what Bubby’s saying these days without even saying a word. He’s noticing my absence {and by that I mean a few footsteps into the kitchen while he can still eye me}. He’s suddenly very interested in every step I take. We went for a movie/ date night a few weekends ago and to my horror learned that after we left he was searching. And then crying. For 20 minutes! :( Talk about sad!! I told Pete it’s going to be awhile before we run off on a date night again.

Wisdom Whiskers. So a co-worker of Pete has this thing where he can grow a thick beard in no time flat. Pete says he looks like Chuck Norris- I wouldn’t know since I’ve never seen him but anyway now Pete is inspired. Sigh. He is growing his beard out {for now} to see if his can get as thick as this guy’s. Oh and the whole reason I am telling you this is because he spotted a few grays in there this past weekend. So now he’s calling them his wisdom whiskers. I told you, he’s a cheeseball ;)

Heart Rock. I took a peek at our church bulletin this past Sunday and the picture on the front was amazingness. It was a picture of a rock in the natural shape of a heart. It had not been carved or anything, just created by God like that. I am now on the hunt for a heart rock!

ps- small miracles blog hop will be open all week long ♥

ps#2 – wait list is closing today since I have several oober big {and oh, so lovely} projects to work on this week!